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Heart of the Community

Heart of the Community

The Moose Fraternity will continue our new found tradition of hosting drives for food, clothing and education supplies at this year’s International Moose Convention in St. Louis.

This year, we will be working with the St. Louis Public Schools, which strives to provide a quality education for all students and enable them to realize their full intellectual potential. One exciting aspect of the school supply drive this year is that the entire donation will be divided into five parts: One part will be presented for donation at the school where we will be doing the community service, and the other four parts will be presented to four different communities in the surrounding area by those communities’ local lodges.

We are excited that our efforts will not only serve the schools in the immediate downtown St. Louis district, but that they will also ripple out into several surrounding communities and generate a Moose presence there.

Heart of the Community Chairman
PSG G W McCullough III
(C) 704-516-7600

Heart of the Community Committee
Matthew L Jones
(C) 252-626-5309

Matthew Larson
(C) 910-581-4238

Julian “Mike” Phillips
(C) 252-908-0664

R Helton Shaw
(C) 336-707-9771

Jimmy Walden
(C) 910-624-8963

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