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2017-2018 Directory


Regional Manager: Sam Harris

Association Liaison/Territory Manager: Andrew Hopkins

Territory Manager: Jim Berardi

President: Rick Bradley

Secretary: Al Reel

Vice President: Robert Helton Shaw

Prelate: Larry David Hall II

Treasurer: Grant Carpenter

Jr Past President: Bruce Owen

President Moose Charities: PSG G W McCullough III

Moosehaven Board of Directors: PSP Al Reel

International Activities Chairman: Wayne Strickland

International Youth Awareness: Mike Perdue


The information contained herein is both confidential and privileged and shall only be available to and used by good standing members of the Loyal Order of Moose for fraternal purposes. Any use of information contained herein for private gain or for any commercial, political or business purpose is strictly prohibited.

From Office of General Governor

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Directory Cover 2017-2018

Directory 2017-2018

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